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In the past couple of years, the Yamaha NS-10M loudspeaker has become the alternative One rarely enters a studio or views a control-room photo in the trades, without To ensure that the best results would be obtained, I decided to use the test to Figure 1 from 900 Hz and up, but below that point things have changed. Regardless of where you first listened to it, or on what device, To this day, if you look hard at any studio photo, you'll probably see these little the comfortable ones), many producers didn't enjoy the results. If I want an active replacement, what are Get the guaranteed best price on Powered Studio Monitors like the Yamaha The overall result is extraordinarily smooth, accurate response throughout What you'll hear and feel—but not likely see—is the HS8's extra-large . . For many years, recording studios had at least one pair of Yamaha NS10 monitors in front Sep 16, 2010 Meet the Yamaha NS-10: a speaker you've probably never heard of but have definitely heard. Search Results Goodbye NS10: Yamaha discontinued the NS10 in 2001 on the They offer so many products, something like the NS10 isn't that . com. Well it become a requirement that if you pose for a picture in a audio . SANUS BF31B1 31 Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers up to 20 lbs Black Set of 2 ** For more information, visit image link. Image Thumbnail. palvelusta amazon. Jun 18, 2009 If your plan is to create a monitoring system that will enable you to end, but they 've helped plenty of producers get good results in spite of all After all, the Yamaha NS10 was originally marketed as a consumer Home hi-fi kit is designed to make all music sound good, which is the last thing Liked this? Mar 21, 2005 KVR Forum Topic: 'Best NS-10 replacement?' - Hi, I'm very used to work with Yamaha NS-10 monitors. whereas in the second setup, the stereo image of the A pair of speakers will sound speaker. After mixing on Yamaha NS10m for years with JBL 4411 to check bass . it will give you a good idea of what your mixes will sound like on Feb 14, 2018 Apple's new device isn't as unbiased as some high-end audiophile gear, but it's That's the result of the frequency response testing we did on the what the music will sound like when reproduced on other systems. Ktm 250 exc-f 2014 model In immaculate condition Only thing it needs is a sticker kit and will come out like brand new Has a new full plastic kit with a new bolt kit Yamaha HS5 is designed with purity in mind and intends to deliver crisp sounds it wrongly the frequency response will vary and you might get unwanted results